The Dentistry Professionals Talk Series: Interview with Dr. Gustavo Reales

December 18, 2021
3 minute read

TheLink Editorial Team

Dr. Gustavo Reales is an oral surgeon from Argentina, and owns a private practice that focuses on comprehensive procedures, from aesthetics to complex rehabilitation cases. He is owner and director of the GR Education & Training Academy, where he trains hundreds of doctors to become experts in implantology every year. In addition, he is a speaker for Alpha-Bio Tec, and has lectured in over 50 national and international congresses.

We had the pleasure to interview Dr. Reales on the occasion of his 10 year anniversary of working with Alpha-Bio Tec. "When I look back at my journey of becoming an implantologist, the greater satisfaction has been the smiles on people's faces"-

What made you fall in love with dentistry?

Dentistry was not an "obvious" thing for me. I don’t come from a dentistry legacy in my family, and so choosing this career was a bit of luck and a bit of a hunch. 

My parents taught me to do everything in life with passion., whether it is learning how to play tennis or to be a good dentist.

Today, I look back and understand that there was not just one thing that made me love this career. It was the hard work that I put into it and the satisfaction of making a change in people's lives that made me love this career.


I am convinced that passion and hard work make up all of the time invested in dentistry. There were times where I lost money in order to have the clinic open, but I knew I had to keep trying and make efforts to improve. As a result,  I learned how to manage it and I learned how to better communicate with patients. All of that hard work finally paid off, and I fell in love with the process of it. 

How would you describe your professional vision? What is your inspiration? 

Working hard is my motto in life. Of course I am inspired by big names in dentistry, but with all honesty, I've found that visiting colleagues from small towns in my country has taught me that the true inspiration is not always found in big podiums. The true dentistry lies in the day-to-day clinic, in the relationship with our patients, in having empathy with others. That is what makes us move and grow, and that's what makes science move forward. This is what inspires me.

Tell us about a special clinical case that had a special meaning for you?

Well there were many in my career. Some cases definitely changed me as a professional. There were patients that taught me how to be a better clinician, and there were others who taught me how to be a better person and how to connect from a human perspective with my patients. 

For me I think the answer will be "any case where my patients looked at the final result, smiled into the mirror, and then hugged me and thanked me. Those are the best cases".


During these 10 years working with Alpha-Bio Tec you may have had many memories. Tell us about some of them that you remember.

I can't find just one. I think all moments throughout these 10 years together have been special. The most special thing for me is to feel like I am part of a family, that I can reach out to the people in the company and I know there's a person from the other side of the line that will hear me. 

I can definitely say that one of the highs in my career was the Alpha-Bio Tec international congress in Madrid (2017), where I lectured in front of hundreds of doctors, and next to other international colleagues. I remember standing at the podium and seeing the auditorium full of people. It was fascinating.

From all these years working with Alpha Bio Tec, what I remark the most is your commitment with innovation and technology, and the fact that you're here for the clinicians to help bring advanced solutions to our dental  procedures 

How do you feel about the journey you've experienced  over the last 10 years?

Alpha-Bio Tec was a train, a means of transportation. When I first got in, I didn’t know where it would take me. Today, I am more passionate about what I do than ever. I discovered that I enjoy teaching, and decided to open a learning academy where I train dentists to place implants. I do what I love, and try to share it with others. I am very proud of my journey.

Are there any other dreams that you would like to accomplish in your career?

I would like to have more time to do the things I love, like teaching others. 

A dream of mine is to open a clinic for those who cannot afford treatment, to restore their ability to smile, speak, and eat. A place where we can help our society.

Thank you, Gustavo, for your time. We are happy to be part of your journey and we will be by your side supporting you while you accomplish your goals and dreams.